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ERBHL 2014-2015 Schedule

This schedule is a draft. Final schedule will be post September 21

Excel Format - September 15 - Updated

PDF Format - September 15 - Updated

League Operation Reminders

• The home team manager will check that referees are present at least 30 minutes before the game start time.
• Timekeepers/ penalty boxes shall have an adequate number of people to man all stations such as penalty doors. All persons manning the penalty box/timekeeper stations are expected to act in a professional and impartial manner under the direction of the Referee.
• All players who have been ejected from a game should be escorted by a team representative to the dressing room to prevent further altercations.
• Ejected players or team officials must stay in the arena lobby for the remainder of the game.
• Suspended players or team officials are not permitted in the dressing room, timekeepers/penalty box or within 50 feet of the players’ benches during a game.
• Coaches are responsible for the team players and fans. Unsportsmanlike conduct whether on the ice, in the stands or outside the arena will result in a coach suspension being issued.
• In the event of DAMAGE TO THE ARENA before, during or after a game, the coach is responsible for the team. If the individual player or players can be identified, they will be dealt with by the League. If they cannot be identified, the coach is responsible and damages and/or suspensions may be issued.
• Harassment is not acceptable. Referees have been asked to have Zero Tolerance for harassment under the ERBHL Harassment Policy.

Game sheets
• ERBHL supplied game sheets and Incident Report forms are to be used for ERBHL games only. Teams should use a game sheet from their Local Association for Exhibition and Provincial games.
• A Game Sheet is documentation of the game and must show all players and coaches/bench staff present at the game and on the bench. If pre-printed team labels are used, check that the game roster is correct before signing off on the game sheet.
• Suspended Players/coaches must be noted on the game sheet as “SUSP”, for pre-printed labels, if a player or coach/assistant coach/trainer is absent or suspended, draw a line through their name and mark “ABS” or “SUSP” beside his/her name.
• Mark all Affiliate Players present at the game and on the bench as “AP” next to their name on the game sheet.
• Mark a Substitute Goaltender as a “Substitute Goalie” next to his/her name on the game sheet. Note that Substitute goaltenders are only to be used as back-up and can only play in the game if the team’s goalie or affiliate goalie is injured or ejected from the game.
• Only players, affiliate players, and coaches/bench staff listed on your HCR-generated roster may be listed on a game sheet. You should have an up-to-date HCR-generated roster with you at all times.
• Game sheets are to be filled in accurately and legibly. If pre-printed team labels are used, put a label on each page of the gamesheet.
• Be sure to enter the proper ERBHL game number on the gamesheet.
• Use the ERBHL Standard Penalty Abbreviations on game sheets.
• Game Misconduct penalties are to be entered on a separate line and shown as 5 minutes. Gross Misconducts are 10 minutes.
• Game sheets to be faxed to 1-877-801-2693 or emailed within 2 hours of the game ending. Emailed copies are to be sent to the ERBHL President, VP Discipline and League Administrator.
• Scan or high-res photo and email are the preferred method of sending a game sheet. If faxing, only the white copy is to be faxed.
• The home team is responsible to give or send a copy of the game sheet and any Referees Reports to the Visiting team by noon of the next day.

Online Game Summary
• Game summary to be completed by the home team within 24 hours of game being played.
• Home team is responsible to ensure that all scoring stats, goaltending stats and penalties are entered on the ERBHL website.
• If a team notices a mistake on the game summary, the home team must make the online correction. If advising the home team of a correction by email, cc: the League Administrator.

Rescheduling Games Process
• Both teams agree to reschedule or switch
• Team requesting change completes Game Change Form
• Other team signs Game Change Form
• Send signed Game Change Form to President

Hockey Canada Rule Changes 2012 - 2014


Head Contact Bulletin


Fax Home Game Sheets
to new toll-free number


*** Game sheet must be sent within 2 hours of end of the game ***


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