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ERBHL All Star Game 2014-2015

All Star Game on Saturday, December 20, 2014 at 1:45 pm at Civic Centre at Lloydminster, Alberta

Rachel Horback is the ERBHL All-Star Game Lloydminster Contact Person @ 1-780- 872-3258 and her email address is rachel@prolinelocators.ca

The two All Star teams practices will be Blue/Black team at 6 pm and the Red/White team @ 7:30 pm at the Civic Centre on Friday, December 19th.

All Star Game Structure:

    1. Scheduled for the third Saturday of December annually.
    2. The Red and White Division teams plus Camrose and Fort McMurray will be one All Star team.
    3. The Blue and Black Division teams will be one All Star team.
    4. Selection shall be as follows: (Attachment 1) the thirty-two ERBHL Coaches will select one forward and one defenseman from their own teams and forward their names to the League Administrator on December 6th. The League Executive and All Star Coaches will finalize the two All Star teams.
    5. The Coaching Staff and Manager will be from those teams with the best winning percentage on December 6th. The top team’s staff in the Red/White Divisions and top in the Blue/Black Divisions will coach their respective teams. Winning percentage will be points obtained over points possible. In case of ties in team standings for coaching or player selection, fewer penalty minutes per game played will be used to break the tie followed by a single coin toss.
    6. All thirty-two teams will have representation at the All Star game.

                       7.      Goaltender selection will be as follows:

                                          i.    The three goaltenders selected for each All Star team will be the goaltenders with the best GAA on December 6th.

                                         ii.    The goaltenders selected must have played a minimum of 480 minutes by December 6th. 

    1. The ERBHL will purchase All-Star jerseys.
    2. Players are to be selected and informed by each team’s Coach by December 8th.
    3. The host community will arrange for team pictures.
    4. The host committee must arrange for Hockey Alberta to sanction the All-Star game.

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